I would like to address the zero tolerance policy in school.

As a parent of children who attend the local school system, I am outraged by the ridiculousness of some of the rules. I understand the policy was adopted, nationwide, after the school shootings and the terrorism and, as a parent, I am greatly concerned about my children’s safety and the safety of others. School should be a place for children to feel safe while receiving an education, but being there should not feel like a prison sentence.

I was informed by my eldest son, who is in the fifth grade, that students cannot even play a simple game of tag while releasing some of their pent up energy out on the playground. Is this what it has come to?

Our children are no longer able to be children? If so, then we may as well set up camp and start treating everyone as if they were military personnel.

I have confidence in the school staff members, as adults, to use their discretion as to what they would consider inappropriate behavior. Hitting, biting, kicking, punching, etc., would be a definite cause to reprimand. But to tell a boy that he cannot play “”tag”” or to tell a girl she cannot hug her friend because that is considered “”hands-on”” contact, I feel is totally out of control.

My son is to a point where he is uncertain of what he can or cannot do for fear of a detention. A detention to a child in school is as serious to him/her as taking away a favorite toy for a punishment at home.

I understand schools cannot please everyone, and what one parent may consider ridiculous another may consider justifiable, but what I do know is that it’s a shame that our children have to grow up way before they are ready to. And, there are all these rules preventing them from being kids and the school system feels it needs to take time to not only educate our children, but to discipline them as well.

As a parent, isn’t discipline my job?

Tammy Thomas, Sabattus

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