At Wales Central School all students in seventh grade were given a laptop, and it looks like we are all enjoying them. Our teacher’s name is Mr. Greg French. He is the technology teacher and seems to know a lot about laptops. We all have a laptop and it is our responsibility to take care of them. So far we had some of them sent back to the company to get them fixed. Some of them were dropped and one of them was just not working right. I think we can make it through the year and not have any more problems with our computers and not drop them.

We use the computers in all of the class subjects. For example, we use them for research on the Internet, to do writing prompts, we make slide shows, and make brochures.

I think that sometimes the computers are slow, and also if you click on something the computer takes a long time to process information. Also, the cases the computers are in sometimes do not hold the computers good enough so they do not fall out. In the end, the computers are nice and a good idea to have for students.

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