I am concerned about the absence of Mayor Larry Raymond at the diversity rally that was held at Bates College on Jan. 11 because of a planned vacation to Florida. Maybe the mayor was unaware that there would be a diversity rally when he made his plans. It seems that he would not let the hate groups change his schedule.

I am disappointed at these words, because he could not stay in town or come back for just one day.

I thought that the mayor was supposed to be a leader, but his actions speak differently.

The governor, two U.S. senators, two congressmen, the attorney general, two former Lewiston mayors and more than 4,000 people showed up at the diversity rally. However, because of plans that just simply would not be changed because of the hate groups, Mayor Raymond, who in my opinion is the reason for all this commotion whether he meant to cause it or not, was not showing an act of leadership.

It seems to me that the mayor has lit the flame, and then he left the fire to burn.

Thankfully, there were no problems at either of the rallies, but it’s my opinion that the mayor should have been present at the diversity rally to show his support.

Recently, there have been requests for the mayor’s resignation. I feel that this might be the best idea for the mayor, given his lack of leadership in the recent months. Our city needs someone who we can depend on in times of crisis.

From my perspective Mayor Larry Raymond is not that person.

Tiffany Leblond, Lewiston

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