The purpose of this letter is twofold:

1. To commend Lewiston Police Chief William Welch, his fine police officers, City Administrator James Bennett, our city councilors, state troopers and all who participated in the Jan. 11 events. They accomplished their objectives. Job well done.

2. To voice our disbelief and hurt regarding Ismail Ahmed’s and Omar Jama’s statements calling for Mayor Raymond’s resignation. The statements, signs and stickers displayed at the pro-diversity meeting were uncalled for and showed disrespect to our mayor. It was our understanding the weekend event held at Bates College was to speak against hate, show compassion and work together to better and strengthen our community.

The leaders of the Somalis should show appreciation to our leaders of Lewiston instead of fueling the fire of hate.

We taxpayers of Lewiston have elected Mayor Larry Raymond and we stand by him. He has done nothing wrong. Let us move on.

Raymond and Jane

Beaudoin, Lewiston

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