Although many news stories are taking up the front pages of the paper with excitement, there are other important things that are overlooked in this town.

As a senior at Edward Little High School, I have seen many days in the lunch room (which is also the basement, and we still have fold-out-of-the-wall tables) and know the different selections that students have for breakfast and lunch.

It isn’t always easy to eat a breakfast before school so you would figure that the school would have something decent for the kids to get because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Right?

Well, that’s what the health teachers preach anyway. But, when you get there, you have an option of a bagel, a muffin or Little Debbie snack cakes (that happened to be way overpriced). So, no breakfast.

Then, by the time lunch comes around everyone is starving, so we race in and try to get ahead of the two huge lines. Then we have about three choices and, sometimes, Sam’s ziti or pizza. Sounds good, right? Wrong.

All portions are too small for what you pay, and if it’s not dripping a lot of grease then it is probably old or too cold.

How can they be allowed to do this?

I’m not the smartest person when it comes to knowing stuff about the government, but isn’t it supposed to give money to schools?

Maybe the thing that really irks me is that you have to purchase packets of ketchup if you want more than the two allowed with the purchase of fries. Yeah, the packets of ketchup that say “not labeled for individual sale.”

And silverware. They sell those, too.

Why hasn’t this come to anyone’s attention before?

How are kids going to believe food charts in school and worry about obesity statistics when their school gives them three greasy choices for lunch?

I would bet that if lunches were better, healthier and cheaper, things would be better for the students. Even if it’s a little bit, everything counts. Right?

Sara Boilard, Auburn

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