I’m now suffering from things I’ve done in the past. How can I compare my suffering to the thousands of people who lost family on September 11, 2002?

It seems everything I say can relate to that day. Sometimes I sit and think, what if I was in that plane or the world trade center. Glancing up to get relief from your miserable work environment. Relief is what you get indeed. A plane aimed at your stuck up little cubicle. Now I can’t even look at the numbers 911 the same way. How can life seem meaningful on a day like this?

Discrimination, racism, sexism were we born with these inside of us or were they brought onto us? Mankind should learn more about how to use words rather than violence. I don’t understand how you can hate an entire race. Discriminate someone for your sick little pleasures are horrible and I despise anyone who goes to extreme measures to make someone feel empty or not wanted, or to make fun of a peer because how they look or the things they wear.

My soul, is it large or small? Is it blue or green? Is it full or is it empty, can anyone really answer these questions? Do you really dress how you feel? Think of how your words can make someone feel, like they are faster than the world or like they aren’t worthy to breathe the air on earth. Thanks you for your time . . . and thought.

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