Most gifts at Christmas time come wrapped in pretty paper and adorned with attractive bows. Not all though. The seventh and eighth graders at Holy Cross got a present from the teachers and the principal that would have been a tad bit hard to wrap. The present was a trip to a roller skating rink in Auburn, The Rollodrome.

The students normally attired in plain uniforms were allowed to dress in jeans and tee shirts-with a “donation” to the school of $1.00. Once the buses arrived at the Rollodrome, the dozens of teens and pre-teens hurried through the Rollodrome doors to be greeted with the familiar scent that is always present there.

Less than ten minutes later, mostly everyone had their rollerblades on. Soon there were people skating around the rink to the music blaring through speakers placed around the rink.

When the “Cha-Cha” slide came on everyone wanted to do the actions that are said in the song, but not everyone could master “three hops this time” or “slide to the left” while on rollerblades.

When it came time for lunch, everyone reluctantly sat down to eat their packed from home lunches or bought the yummy sugar filled snacks they sell there.

Some songs later, including a few “couple’s only” songs and a YWCA, it was time for us to head back to school. We took off our skates and proceeded back to school with our blue mouths (from the slurpee’s) and a small token from the Rollodrome – a two for one admission coupon. When we got back to school, the sugar high wearing off, we realized we still had one more day to face before Christmas vacation.

The students and staff would like to thank the Rollodrome management for making this all possible.

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