Why? That is my only question. Why do we have to go to war with Iraq? What’s the point? I think that Bush’s decision to push the war with Iraq is pointless. Yes, it is true that Saddam Hussein is, supposedly, a “terrorist,” and he supposedly has weapons of mass destruction, and yes, he supposedly harbors terrorists. Most people, however, seem to forget that we also have weapons of mass destruction, and we also we could be harboring terrorists. We could also be considered terrorists for the action we took in Afghanistan after the 9-11 attacks, and even if we don’t know it, or want to realize it, we are the reason he is in Iraq. We are the ones who trained and put Saddam Hussein into Iraq to try to-help them and bring their country up a little bit. So whether or not we want to believe it, this is, in a way, our fault.

Saddam Hussein knows the way our country and our presidents work. We trained and allowed him to become the man he is today. We could have pulled him out at any point in time, and we didn’t. Now that we are finishing in Afghanistan, I think we need to wait a while before going into Iraq for Hussein. Since the war on terrorism in Afghanistan, our economy has slowly fallen, and is still falling. Because people realize that terrorists could, at any point in time, get on a plane, hijack it, and fly it into the ground, or a building, they are afraid to fly now, and because of that, the airlines have lost a lot of business. Things like overseas trading, oil, and gas prices are also going to suffer. Right now the economy is in a recession, and if we don’t let the economy build back up again, it could takes years to reach at least where it was before 9-11. Going into Iraq would further the recession, and it would make the oil almost impossible to get, because we get most of our oil from the Middle East. If we go to Iraq for war, we’re going to make a lot of countries really mad at us, and they have the ability to stop shipping and giving us oil if they choose to. If that happens, the economy would plummet and could possibly never fully recover.

Plunging head first into Iraq is definitely not one our country’s better moves. It would also reinstate the draft, which means we will have a lot of people fighting for us who don’t really want to there, or aren’t capable of being there. If we were to go to war with Iraq, and the draft was reinstated, our population as well would go down, and the economy, again, would suffer. There wouldn’t be enough people to do all of the jobs that need to be done. Businesses would suffer, as well as families.

Bush also fails to realize that while all of his attention is turned on Iraq, other countries that could be more of a threat to us could be lying low, and when we least expect it, they would hit, hard. We need to take some of our attention off Iraq and look at the bigger picture here, the economy, the country, the people. Bush won’t see any of the possible attacks coming from other countries if he completely focuses on Iraq.

I think that if we were to go to war with Iraq, the country is going to be in trouble. It could just be that I have a father who has previous military experience, and a boyfriend that has to register for the draft soon that I oppose the war in Iraq more than some people, but regardless of my reasons, I still believe that idea of going to war with Iraq is senseless and a foolish choice.

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