Why is it that people, in general, appear to be opposed to Lewiston’s recent immigration?

Why is it that neighbors can’t be neighbors?

Why is it that people can’t just be kind to one another?

These are some of the questions that are hard for anyone to answer, but should be if this conflict is going to be resolved.

Maybe the answer is that we could be oblivious to our ignorance toward others. Or maybe the answer is that we aren’t used to having other people live with us. Whatever the answer, it is no excuse to put down other people that immigrate to our city. We should look at this as something to show the rest of the world that America is still an accepting country.

If America doesn’t help immigrants start new lives, who will?

Let us not make this issue bigger than it is. Even though Lewiston’s new immigrants may look and speak differently, that rarely has stopped us from accepting any other nationalities. Let’s not let this stop us now!

As a whole, the citizens of Lewiston are better than this. And, as one of them, maybe we should start showing it!

The citizens of Lewiston are far better than what the media has portrayed. Let’s prove the media wrong and demonstrate what our community is really about: tolerance, friendship and acceptance.

Jeremy Gervais, Lewiston

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