Months ago, the government of Portland notified the Somali migrants that low cost housing was no longer available and they changed their course to Lewiston. And, our honorable mayor, Larry Raymond, had the foresight to predict that the influx of the Somali population was draining our resources and the guts to advise accordingly.

Since then he has been the goat against the Lewiston city government.

Demonstrators are not locals and, if they are, they don’t pay local taxes.

I have observed the events and I haven’t seen any property owners present, nor have I seen any letter to the editor that is critical of Mayor Raymond.

The evening news on Jan. 20. People were critical of the city, for lack of funding at their poverty level, lack of low cost housing, lack of medications and lack of health insurance. Our City Council president, Rene Bernier, did a wonderful job in commenting on the subject. She has my vote any day, along with Mayor Raymond.

As for the Somali population here in Lewiston? Leave them alone. If they do or don’t make it, it is their business.

Lewiston is a wonderful place to live and this nonsense must stop.

F. Henry Sabourin, Lewiston

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