Recently I was driving to school when suddenly I lost control of my car and went off the road. I hit a telephone pole and then rolled into a ditch- After I unbuckled and climbed out of my car and saw it sitting there crushed and upside down, I couldn’t believe I walked away from it. One of my friends had an accident two days later, and he wasn’t as lucky. He also hit a telephone pole and rolled, but he and one of his passengers ended up in the hospital with severe injuries.

Both of our accidents were severe enough to be fatal, and even though my friend was unlucky we both lived. I believe that if it hadn’t been for seatbelts, the outcomes might have been different. Even though laws require it, it is really up to the person to buckle.

Other people not buckling won’t physically hurt me; however society does get hurt because treating the injuries of unbuckled motorists costs us $26 billion annually. It isn’t that much of a hassle to wear a seatbelt. Statistics showing 60 persent of fatalities in accidents were not wearing seatbelts convinced me to buckle up before my accident. The accident just reinforced it. I don’t like taking those chances, so I always buckle up, and anyone who gets into my car does. Anyone who values their well being needs to buckle up.

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