Our music teacher is one with a great personality. Her name is Ms. Moore-Young. She fills her spare time with reading, camping, listening to Celtic music, dance, culture and watching British comedies and dramas.

Ms. Moore-Young’s mother wanted to name her daughter something musical and what she came up with was Silvia. Her father grew up in Harmony, Prince Edward Island. It seemed like destiny for Ms. Moore-Young to go into music.

Her family includes her husband, one daughter, one son (both of her children are in college), and four cats.

Ms. Moore-Young went to college at the University of Maine Portland-Gorham, and King Alfred’s College in England. She earned her Masters degree at the University of Maine at Orono.

Above all, Ms. Moore-Young enjoys her job. What she likes most about her job is that the school is small enough so she knows everyone. What she doesn’t like is that she doesn’t have enough time for seeing everyone, and that there is not enough room in the UA room to see all the band kids at the same time.

Ms. Moore-Young is multi-talented. She plays five main instruments. Those instruments are voice, piano, snare drum, oboe, and saxophone. She teaches students in grades five through eight how to play instruments such as the ones aforementioned, and she also teaches students in grades K through 8 general music as well. Some field trips she takes those grades on are the kinderkoncerts for kindergarten and the fourth graders to the Portland Symphony Orchestra at Merrill Auditorium in Portland.

As you might have learned from this article, our music teacher here at SES is one of the finest in the area. You also might be able to tell that she is one of the more unique personalities you can find.

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