The World Church of the Creator’s recent hate rally against the Somalis has really bothered me.

The fact that the people of the World Church of the Creator are so full of hate is very upsetting, but I’m also wondering why in the world people of different colors or nationalities are called “”races””?

I am a Bible believing Christian and I believe that there is only one race, with that one race being the human race. There’s no such thing as different “”kinds”” of people. We are all descendants of the first man, Adam, created by God, in His own image (Genesis 1:27).

Just because a person has a different color skin or different features than you or me doesn’t make them less human. That’s like saying my dog is less of a dog than yours because its not the same color.

I would really like to know why members of the World Church of the Creator think that they’re so much better than anyone else. The people they call “savages” haven’t hurt me or anyone else. They’re simply trying to peacefully start a new life in America.

When are the Christians of this country going to realize where this country is headed if we don’t all stand up for what is right? How in the world did a once Christian nation allow Nazis and Communists to take over and fill people’s heads with their filthy, hateful garbage? Amazingly, they even get a police protected escape from their own rally of hate!

Wow! Who’s really running the show?

Benjamin Pratt, Rumford

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