By now you’ve heard that the United Nations weapon inspectors have started their inspections of Iraq. They started several weeks ago and already President Bush is saying it doesn’t look good for Saddam. It’s a different story with the UN Inspectors; they have not found anything yet so far. In my opinion Iraq isn’t a threat to the U.S. They didn’t say in any way they wanted to attack us so why start a fight with Iraq? President Bush is doing it for one reason only and it’s not Saddam. Its the Oil that Iraq has that it sells to the U.S. and U.K. and others. Bush wants control of the oil so the U.S. doesn’t have to deal with the Middle East. Even if the United States has control of the oil, that isn’t going to stop them from charging us outrageous prices for the same oil. President Bush only has one thing on his mind: Money, Money, Money.

Whatever happen to the war in Afghanistan? Al-Qaeda could be building up its forces to attack us again and we have our backs turned. Don’t get me wrong, the United States has done a great job since 9-11. I think President Bush has taken advantage of it though; he wants to launch war on any nation that doesn’t agree with the United States. The Bush Administration is saying that it’s the last administration’s

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