After reading your feature “Nuts” on Jan. 26 I thought you might like reading my squirrel story!

Last year about this time I was puttering in the cellar and heard something that sounded like my wife in the kitchen. After hearing the noise the third time and knowing my wife was not in that area I started looking around.

Moving a curtain I could see a gray squirrel’s tail.

Looking around, I found a large fishing net which I put in front of the squirrel and forced him into it. As I started for the stairs, the squirrel got free and ran behind my chest freezer and got himself stuck by the motor.

I tried to free him, but pulled half the hair out of his tail. Being late in the day, I left him, thinking he would free himself and I’d go after him the next day.

Well, he was still there the next morning so I put on double gloves and went after the squirrel again, trying not to hurt him. I got him by the tail and pulled out more fur; I guess it’s a way for them to get away when caught by a predator.

I took the squirrel upstairs and let him go. He ran into the woods and never stopped.

Well, guess what?

Three days later while I was in the cellar I heard another noise and went to investigate. Again, I found a squirrel trying to hide. Blocking off the area, I cornered him and forced him into the net. This time I got him upstairs into the garage before he got out of the net.

Two squirrels in two days.

I thought I had seen the end of them but last summer I had my furnaces cleaned and there was another squirrel sort of cremated on top of the burner.

For months we saw the squirrel that was missing half the fur from his tail running the electrical wires and through the trees.

Gary L. Cadman, Lewiston

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