Liberal columnist Molly Ivins recently wrote a piece in which she lamented how conservatives dominate talk radio (Feb. 2). She blamed this on the FCC and the huge corporations that own multiple radio stations.

The liberal point of view is equally as pervasive in virtually all other forms of media, from the nightly news to TV networks to Hollywood to the print media. The conservative point of view is rarely seen, except as something to be mocked or ridiculed. And the last time I checked, these media are also owned by huge corporations.

One of the basic tenets of economics is to find a need and fill it. As the conservative voice faded from these other media, it found a home on talk radio.

Liberals preach tolerance, diversity and such. Yet, when it comes to the “mainstream” media, something very different is practiced.

Two of talk radio’s better known conservative celebrities dared to venture into television. Rush Limbaugh and Laura Schlessinger each briefly had television shows. Neither lasted long due to a gaggle of protests from liberal feminist and homosexual advocacy groups. These groups mercilessly hounded and harassed the producers and sponsors of these programs. The shows were bounced from one lousy time slot to another, then taken off the air.

I don’t see what Molly Ivins is complaining about. Conservatives dominate talk radio. Big deal. She and her liberal friends dominate the rest of the media.

If there is anyone to blame for this arrangement, then perhaps she and her friends should look in a mirror.

Don Stickney, Auburn

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