Saddam is the biggest terrorist in the world..He has already used biological weapons on his own people. The Democrats would have us wait until he uses them on us before we attack.

The United Nations is a joke. It has no clout and its obvious animosity toward the U.S. is blatant. Most of the countries are either socialist, communist or run by tyrants. France and Germany (as well as China and Russia) are pathetic. The monies they receive from Saddam for the products he buys from these countries is directly related to what comes out of their mouths. France and Germany are not friends of the United States.

The hippies of the ’60s are out in droves (most of whom now work in Hollywood or for the Democratic Party) downing our country and our president. What happened to the unity we were all so proud of after Sept. 11?

If we go to war in Iraq, are we to be subjected to more Jane Fonda types? Will they spit on our returning soldiers as they did during the Vietnam War?

Freedom has a price and sometimes the price is war. We do not need a civil war here at home with the Democrats and their Hollywood allies.

Debate is fine, disagreement is American, but deliberate trashing of my president and my country must not be allowed. I protest!

The rhetoric coming from some of these Hollywood Jane Fonda types and our elected Democrats is un-American and uncalled for. They should all go to Iraq and join Saddam’s call for volunteers to strap themselves onto Iraqi tanks in the front lines.

Mary Jane Newell, Oxford

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