Maine PBS’s “”Maine Watch”” hasn’t been watching, nor has the rest of the media or the government.

It should be of no surprise that Great Northern went under. We’ve all known for years that the Maine papermaking industry is not competitive in a globalized world. That’s why the corporations have been unloading forest land here in Maine.

The people of Maine cannot wait, hoping against hope, that something will happen to save good jobs as the world economy changes. The media has to report what’s happening even when it hurts to hear the “”news.”” The government needs to be proactive in anticipating what is happening in the world and what impact it will have on Maine jobs.

Neither the media nor the government does this. The emphasis is on appearances. “Thank God it didn’t happen on my watch,” I imagine Angus saying as he tools around in his land yacht.

Mike Michaud says we need to level the playing field and protect Maine jobs. Well, Mike, the playing field is being leveled. Protectionism isn’t going to save us. The rest of the world is sweeping us by while we make believe it can be economically viable to make shirts in Waterville.

We live in a world full of potential just begging to be actualized. We have every reason to be hopeful as long as we can be real. We need to expect more from the managers of government.

It is embarrassing that a company like Great Northern goes under and people are surprised.

Legislators and top managers in the executive branch are smart people. They know what’s going on with the economy and you can be sure the demise of Great Northern is only a symptom of what’s to come.

Just like investors need boards of directors to ride herd on the performance of corporations, we, the governed, need the Legislature to ride herd on the government.

As long as we don’t expect functionality from government, we can be sure we won’t get it.

James Tierney, Auburn

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