Suzanne Fields’ op-ed about cowboys was hysterical (Feb. 4)! The only sort of cowboy the president resembles is the type you see on Halloween. You know, the 6-year-old with chaps and a toy gun.

Gary Cooper was only a movie star in “”High Noon,”” but his character showed real courage by going out into the street himself to fight evil. W is a coward who avoided any real military service (he served in the Air Guard but never finished his commitment) at a time when young men his age were being sent to die in Vietnam. Now, W, the cowboy wannabe, will eagerly send young people off to die to satisfy his bloodlust. No, Gary Copper he!

W, the cowboy, chops brush on his ranch but it is not a job, it is recreation. He has never had to do manual labor for 12 hours a day, six days a week as real cowboys have, and if he had to he wouldn’t last!

W does not have the qualities of honesty and decency. He would say anything, and has, for political advantage. His State of the Union address was filled with lies and half-truths and really had nothing to do with the State of the Union.

Real cowboys in Texas either play football or do Rodeo (which is a Division I sport in the southwest). W did neither! You would never see W busting broncos or riding bulls! Rather, W was a college football cheerleader and, to this day, doesn’t ride a horse; he prefers a four wheel drive vehicle.

The comparison between Reagan and the shrub is on the mark.

Both of these men share the same lust for military action and they both avoided combat when they had their chance. They both would say anything to advance their un-American, neo-Nazi policies. They both have run huge deficits as they spend on military hardware to help out their buddies in the defense industry, and they both have been and are a threat our civil liberties and constitutional rights!

Judson Duncan, Monmouth

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