Women say it’s a man’s world. I’d like to know who that man is! Who ever he is I bet he has a urinal in his bathroom and I bet you don’t!

The toilet is proof that women rule the world; it is designed for women.

Women also make the rules for the toilet. Welcome to manhood, boys, when you ask the obvious question: why? We learn at this point that women have great fear of flesh touching cold porcelain.

Women say they don’t get equal pay. That’s possibly the reason they get all the jobs! In the two banks I do business only one man is employed; he is a 19-year-old trainee who won’t be working there next month. The executives in both banks are all women.

In our family courts, men are treated like lions, incapable of nurturing and capable of anything. It is publicly accepted that men are inferior parents, to be trusted only as a last resort. The welfare system and family court have destroyed the American family.

It is so popular to blame white men, even Republican Sen. Trent Lott joined in. On BET, he said he supported affirmative action, the U.S. government policy of discriminating against young white men in all government and governmental subcontract hiring.

So if it is a man’s world he must not be looking for a better job. He must not have been born into white poverty.

If Trent Lott believes in affirmative action he should give his job and his wealth away. He doesn’t want to give “”his”” opportunity away, just the opportunity of young white men.

Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather and Hollywood have brainwashed the American public for 30 years. They are secure in knowing they have effectively oppressed white men who, someday, might have challenged them for their jobs.

The media is so slanted and sensational; we ensure oppression as the power pendulum continues to swing.

We cannot level the playing field of opportunity by selecting new victims of discrimination.

Phillippe Juan Doyeni, Auburn

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