In response to the story, “Study: Tax plan helps wealthiest” by Christopher Williams, this piece should have been placed in the “opinion section,” not the front page as newsworthy (Feb. 4)!

As is stated in that “opinion” piece, 10 percent of the wealthiest Mainers who earn over $100,000 would receive an average of $3,117 in savings on federal taxes and $378 in Maine taxes. What wasn’t stated is how much tax they paid into the federal and state coffers to begin with!

The top 10 percent pay approximately .65 cents of every $1 collected! You call that fair?

The article stated about 29 percent of families with children would not be helped by President Bush’s plan because their income is too low. That may be correct, but once again the story left out some important facts. How can you cut taxes for someone who does not pay taxes? Where is the incentive to strive for a better way of life and become one of the “rich”?

Another urban myth being espoused by the media and others on the left is this notion that the top 10 percent of wage earners are not working Americans. The fact is that the same top 10 percent of wage earners work an average of 50-plus hours per week with 4 percent of those working 60-plus hours per week!

Also, why do you think that more money in the top 10 percent of wage earners won’t help the economy? Do you think we get our money and bury it in the yard? No. We spend it on upgrading our businesses, invest in new technology, offer more/better benefits to our employees, hire more employees and pay more in taxes because we made more with increased business and revenues.

As for the “experts” quoted in the article, I can come up with just as many partisan opinions and write a one-sided opinion piece!

These folks obviously have some sort of ax to grind with President Bush.

Scott Lansley, Sabattus

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