John Turner wrote recently, “Losing 3,000 people in the World Trade Center and Pentagon, plus hundreds of others as the result of attacks in Nigeria, on the USS Cole, and military barracks in Saudi Arabia, should teach us we cannot trust despots like Hussein.”

Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with any of those horrendous, criminal acts; nor has he supported the people who performed them. Even Tony Blair on the floor of the House of Commons admitted this.

Saddam Hussein has nothing to do with the war on terrorism. The Bush administration’s propaganda has convinced a small majority of Americans that this lie is true, but observers throughout the world not blinded by nationalism know that Hussein is blameless for these crimes.

This war, if it happens, is about oil not terror. Iraqi is the keystone of OPEC. With its conquest, we will be in a position to force quisling governments on much of the Mid-East and control the world supply of oil. We will threaten the soft underbelly of the former Soviet Union and its rich oil fields in the Caspian basin. We will place a dagger to the throat of the European Union and Japanese economies while increasing oil output to fund our economic growth and our favored partners.

The U.S. has the greatest military in the world because we spend more on it than the rest of the world combined. Our enemies will respond by attacking us and our friends everywhere in the world with any unconventional means at their disposal. No American will be safe anywhere in the world.

I applaud the bold vote against war by the Maine Legislature.

Jonathan Albrecht, Dixfield

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