Since casinos are eventually going to be part of Maine’s business and economy, I, for one, would like to see the city of Lewiston campaign to have one here in the city.

The land where the Libby Mill stood would be a great spot to build one and the tax relief and the prosperity that it would bring to this city is enormous. There is no doubt that, at sometime in the near future, those who want a casino in Maine will have it. The question is which city in the state is going to benefit?

We have become a city of shabby buildings and a spreading poverty stronghold. The people of Lewiston don’t want it this way; there just isn’t any industry to provide the capital that we need to rehab the town.

If we had a casino downtown the Bates Mill project would be finished nearly overnight and the downtown would become a haven for new stores. New hotels would spring up, jobs would be plentiful, there would be new tax revenue to repair our streets and roads.

It’s an opportunity that we really should not let pass us by. Of course there will be an element of crime, but take a walk through the city right now and tell me what you see. Increase the police force, the investment would surely reap financial rewards for all of our citizens.

The city that allows the first casino is going to be the city that has the most say in how it is managed and how it is going to effect our community. There certainly will be other casinos to follow, but those will be less effected by the communities that they move into.

Let’s put Lewiston back on the map, make the city proud once again, make it shine like it did 100 years ago. We have great people, let’s give them something to hope for. We can help eliminate the need for welfare and city assistance.

What are we waiting for?

Terrance Smith, Lewiston

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