If Saddam has weapons of mass destruction he will not hesitate to use them. The only sure way to get rid of weapons of mass destruction is for every country to get rid of theirs, including our own.

I always believed the president could declare war only if we were attacked. Under other conditions I believe he needs the support of Congress. Iraq has not attacked us.

I also believe the president had to be elected by the people and not by five Republican judges of the Supreme Court. The people of Florida should have had another election.

The subject of the teachers in our schools telling our children they are against the war and our soldiers has been a hot topic lately. I believe the teachers probably told children they were against the war, not our veterans, which is a view held by many of us. Aren’t our teachers allowed to express their opinions whether right or wrong?

Our country is promising other countries millions of dollars if they side with us on the war. Where is this money coming from? How do we pay these countries when we do not have money to help our own poor, disabled and uninsured?

I have been fortunate to live through a number of wars, conflicts and the Depression. During such times people look for leadership.

It is a time for the people who elected the president to ask: is this the leadership I voted for and what can I do to get things back on track?

Curtis J. Smith, Strong

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