LEWISTON – Following are standings in the L-A divisions of the Maine Valley 8-Ball Association:

L-A American

Better U. Than Us 26.0

Schemengee’s III 22.0

The Intimidators 20.0

Schemengee’s #4 20.0

Racketeers 19.0

Psychos 10.0

G-Team 8.0

Wreckers 7.0

(Players of week: Michal Gooldrup, Howard Gooldrup. 50-Week: Michal Gooldrup, Howard Gooldrup. Shutouts: Brian Picard, Jess Burnham, Carl Gagnon)

L-A National

Blue Division

Chuggers 21.0

Budmen Plus 18.0

Pub 33 #2 17.0

Ball Busters 14.0

Rack These 13.0

Barnie’s DT’s 12.5

Dream Team 11.0

Merrow Road Mutts 9.5

Red Division

Cue-Ball Breakers 23.0

Mid Town Runners 20.0

Carlton Smokers 14.5

Haz Ballz 14.0

Fast Breaks 13.5

High Rollers 12.0

158 Shooters 10.0

Sly Wolves 8.0

White Division

Pub 33 #1 20.0

Girls To Women 19.5

Misfits 18.5

Patriots 18.0

Rack This 14.0

Try Again 13.5

158 Breakers 12.5

Barnie’s Powerhouse 4.0

(Players of week: Blue Division: Jen Groleau, Lisa Smith. Red Division: Claude Gendron, Rick Beaudoin. White Division: Cynthia Ayotte. 40-Week: Cynthia Ayotte, Leroy Walker, Jen Groleau, Claude Gendron, Rick Beaudoin, Jeremy McCaslin, Lisa Smith. 8-Ball Runout; Todd Barriesi, Mark Messer. Shutouts: Rodney Lapointe (2), Cynthia Ayotte, Kevin Norcross, Dan Bardier. 8-On Break: Jeremy McCaslin)

L-A Gold

Shaft 24.5

Oh Really 21.5

Get Over It 21.5

Pastime 21.0

Watch This 19.5

Break Stuff 18.5

Webber Club 18.0

Drifters 15.5

Schemengee’s #2 11.0

Schemengee’s #1 8.0

(Player of Week: Tim Bowe. 50-Week: Bowe. 8-Ball Runout: Roger Dubois (2), Glenn Deblois, Jayson Torres, Brian Plourde, Marcel Gosselin. Shutouts: Scott Nota, Leroy Bedard, Dennis Dee, Norm Marquis, Scott Richard, Rick Marquis, Joe Walker, Mike Pomerleau)

L-A Saturday

French Connection 20.5

Derby Ice Breakers 17.0

Bad Boys 14.0

W.T.F.I.N. 12.5

Legion Misfits 12.0

Hurricane Devils 8.0

Get A Cue 6.0

(Player of Week: Leroy Bedard. Shutouts: Bedard, 2)

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