As soon as I read the letter from Jenny Orr called “”Falling on our knees”” I was amazed by her imagination as well as angered by her remarks (March 20).

In her letter she talked of tortured bodies being consumed by flames from our bombs. As of yet there is no evidence that any Iraqi civilians have died in the bombing of Baghdad and, if there is any, I would suspect it to be civilians used by Saddam as human shields since our armed services are precise in bombing military targets.

We are not waging a war against innocent civilians but a corrupt and murderous regime. If any civilians die at all it will be nothing compared to the thousands that Saddam and his regime have murdered with guns, bombs and chemical and biological weapons. He will continue to murder if he is not taken out of power.

Ms. Orr proceeds to compare our government to Nazi Germany. If this was true I would think she would be in a concentration camp rather than staring at the White Mountains.

If one can make a comparison to Nazi Germany, it would be how Saddam, like Hitler, tried to take over countries around him while murdering millions of his own people while most of the world stood by and did nothing.

If we just stand by and wait, instead of German concentration camps, we could be looking at an atomic explosion set off by Saddam.

Are you willing to wait?

Brian Larochelle, Lewiston

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