The U.S. has fought for over 255 years for democracy and peace.

Today we are seeing the fruit of those labors. Our country is a mix of cultures from around the world, fused with Native Americans are western and eastern Europeans, oriental, African-American, Latino and many others. We are striving to learn and live together.

We want to see people in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places realize their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and not live under a tyrannical regime.

Saddam Hussein is a tyrant and murderer. He poisons and kills old men, women and children. He cuts the heads off of prostitutes, brutally tortures people for minor mistakes and uses his people as human shields.

For over a dozen years he has defied the world only to make himself rich and powerful. He destroys oil fields and is possessed with chemical warfare. His sons have terrorized their own families and killed people.

His people and military leaders are basically afraid of him and are afraid to retaliate.

Now the U.S., Britain and some 40 countries are making a determined effort to end this brutal regime once and for all.

The pacifists who support him and are against this war show disrespect to the American and British flags, ignore the right to freedom for all people of the world, and accept genocide and brutality that dominates Iraq.

They propose to understand and know what is going on, but never will.

Dale Shamp, Farmington

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