Dear Sun Spots: The Edward Little Music Association is still accepting donations for their fourth annual garage sale to be held at the Edward Little Gymnasium April 26th. We’re happy to do a pickup of your items. Please call either Tina Russell at (207) 782-7654 or Kathy Talpey at (207) 784-1497. As always, we appreciate the support the community has shown the students. – Kathy Talpey, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: At an estate sale at 97 Webster St., in Lewiston on Saturday April 5, I purchased an old enamel stove, which did not have its burners and top parts with it. Those pieces were stored someplace else in the home. It is believed that those important pieces may have been sold to someone else. I’m asking that the person who bought those contact me. I’d like to purchase them back because of their importance to the whole stove. I can be reached at 353-4603. Thanks for your help, Sun Spots. – Prudence Grant.

Dear Sun Spots: Could Sun Spots please reprint the knitting directions for a newborn baby’s hat again? I’ve lost mine. – No Name, Rumford.

Unfortunately, Sun Spots has been unable to locate the pattern you are seeking through our new computer system. In the meantime, Sun Spots hope you enjoy the following pattern located online at Perhaps other readers also have copies of the pattern you are seeking.

Crocheted Newborn Hat. Size: fits newborn babies to 3 months old. Materials: Lion Brand Jamie, or sport-weight yarn – less than one 1.75 oz skein for one hat. Crochet hook size F, or size needed to obtain gauge. Gauge: 4 half double crochet=1 inch; 2 rows = 1 inch. Ruffled Hat: Loosely chain 25. Row 1: Starting in third chain from hook, work 1 half double crochet in each chain across. Chain 2: turn. Row 3: Work 1 half double crochet in first half double crochet, 2 half double crochet in each half double crochet across. Row 4: Skip first half double crochet, work 1 half double crochet in each half double crochet across. Chain 3, turn. Repeat Row 4 until a total of 14 rows have been worked. Ch2, turn. Ruffle: Work 3 half double crochet in each stitch across. Fasten off. Finishing: With yarn needle and double yarn, draw a gathering thread through each stitch along foundation chain edge. Draw up to gather and tie securely. Sew back seam edges. Pom-pom: Hole thumb and forefinger about 2 inches apart. Wrap yarn around them 100 times. Tie center of the loops with a separate strand of yarn. Cut both ends of loop and trim. Sew securely to top of hat. Fold back last two rows for ruffle. Plain Hat: Work as for Ruffled Hat for a total of 12 rows. Fasten off and finish as for Ruffled Hat.

For a knit hat, also located online at Use 4-ply washable yarn and size 6 needles. Cast on the appropriate number of stitches for the size you want to knit. Rib in k1, p1 for 1 inch. In stockinette knit to the size needed. Child size: cast on 74 stitches, 1 inch ribbing (k1, p1) six inches to 6.5 inches stockinette. Total length 7 to 7.5 inches. After knitting the piece to the approximate dimensions, draw all stitches together tightly at the top by weaving yarn through all the stitches on the needle. Knot securely. Weave together the seam using yarn. Optional: Make a pom-pom or bow for the top.

• To No Name, Rumford, seeking caterers in the Rumford/Mexico area, (Friday Sun Spots column): You can also contact Greg Arsenault or Norma at Maddy’s Pizza, 310 Main St., Mexico, (207) 364-2051. Arsenault says they are Mexico’s best-kept secret!

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