I wish to address anyone who would label me non-supportive of our troops and country when I raise objection to this war, or more aptly invasion, in Iraq.

I would ask those who insist we are fighting for freedom to think seriously about the America we have known and want for our children, and what we can expect now that we have made enemies worldwide.

I don’t believe violence for violence will ever abolish evil. If I kill your brother perhaps I should not expect to be your friend.

Prayers for those who have been sent to kill are first on my list, they are doing their duty bravely. But my heart bleeds for the Iraqi mother who puts her children to bed in fear that they may not survive the night. We chose to do that.

My prayers are also with the Iraqi troops who are doing their duty as demanded of them.

Our world, as Americans, very possibly will never again be the peaceful, fun-loving place we have known and loved.

War should never be the answer and a “just war” is entirely relative. No one ever wins a war.

A better answer can be found in Matthew 5:44.

Elizabeth “Joan” Cooper,


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