BUCKFIELD – School officials for SAD 39 are offering a $250 reward to anyone who will come forward with information regarding vandalism to the signs at Buckfield Junior/Senior High School.

According to Superintendent William Shuttleworth, the vandalism took place sometime over the weekend of April 5 and 6.

“When the staff at Buckfield Junior/Senior High School came to work on Monday, April 7, they saw the school sign and the school marquee strewn on the lawn of the school,” said Shuttleworth. “Sometime during the preceding weekend someone or someones destroyed the signs. We hope that offering a reward for information will help bring the persons involved to justice.”

“It is really hard to fathom that anyone would do this to our school,” added Principal Ralph Peterson. “You just have to wonder what would motivate such a senseless act to public property.”

School board member Terry Hayes also spoke out concerning the act. “These signs represent the generosity of many people who donated money so our school would have signs. It is a shame someone had to do this to our school.”

After finding the ruined signs custodian John Lee said, “We put a lot of effort to keep our schools shipshape, and this really angers me. I am going to offer money as a reward to get the guy who did this.”

It was noted by Shuttleworth that the state police were called immediately and an investigation is under way to locate and arrest the person or persons involved. “We hope that someone with a conscience will step up to the plate and point a finger at the person who did this, and by offering the $250 reward, it will be incentive for someone to do that. We will do everything in our power to solve this,” he said.

In conclusion it was noted that anyone who wishes to come forward should call the state police at 1-800-482-0730.

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