STONEHAM – The Planning Board tabled Wednesday night a request to enlarge a horse barn and accepted an erosion control plan for a relocated house.

Bob Nunes asked that his two-year-old permit to increase the size of his horse barn be renewed, but because the site plan didn’t show an existing small brook or the larger Barker Brook on the property, the issue was tabled until the next meeting.

Bob Macklin, alternate code enforcement officer, will find out if the small brook is classified as a stream or a seasonal watercourse.

“If it’s not a stream, it’s not an issue,” said newly elected board member David Rodrigues.

If it is a stream, the board decided, it will influence which direction Nunes will be allowed to build the addition.

Rodrigues pointed out that the site plan didn’t show either brook on the property. The request was tabled until the completion of a proper site inspection, which the board determined had not been done in the past.

Derek DeSanctis’ plan for erosion and sedimentation control related to the relocation of his house was approved. The house was built many years ago near Keewaydin Lake and is nearer the water than current law allows.

Because DeSanctis is the town’s code enforcement officer, Macklin will inspect the new site for the house. Macklin said DeSanctis plans to use the existing foundation as a retention pond to catch surface runoff.

DeSanctis distributed copies of his plan to use silt fencing and hay bales as temporary controls on new areas of disturbed soils, which will be seeded and mulched to prevent erosion. Trees will be planted in locations most effective to the retention of soil. He told officials he will not use fertilizer on his lawn because he doesn’t want to mow more than necessary.

When Macklin suggested the permit fee should be the same as for building a new home, members initially balked, saying it would be setting a undesirable precedent.

The board eventually decided to accept DeSanctis’ plan and to charge the smaller permit fee for changes to an existing home.

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