I almost dropped my coffee. And I don’t drink coffee.

On March 19, the Bush administration filed for and received a federal court order banning the sale of a book. The book, “Federal Mafia,” argues that federal taxation of personal income is illegal. The judge took 10 minutes to review the book and banned it. He also banned the author from giving speeches or talking about the book.

I hope you’ve dropped your coffee, too.

Bush argued we’ve lost $54 million in taxes because of the book, hence the need to ban it.

Funny thing is, Bush just authorized American mega-corporations to move offshore to avoid taxes. That will cost the country billions.

Had the author argued taxes are illegal because little Martians said so, the book would have been safe. So the book’s proximity to truth makes it dangerous. Imagine that.

Times have changed. Under Bush, your telephone guy might spy on you; you can be arrested and held without trial and denied the right to counsel. Now, your books and speech may be banned if the government doesn’t like what you have to say.

Wonder why Democrats are roadblocking Bush’s judicial nominees?

“Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” was yesterday’s question.

“Are you safer from the government?” is today’s.

For the record, I support the war in Iraq and pushing for democracy across the Middle East. I just hope we can retain it here.

E. Chris L’Hommedieu, Lewiston

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