NORWAY – People of different denominations participated in the annual Cross Walk on Good Friday.

About 150 people, some in strollers and some in wheelchairs, began the 3-mile walk at the Unitarian Universalist church on Main Street.

Many shared the duty of carrying the wooden cross to six other churches along the way.

The procession stopped at the Second Congregational Church, Christ Episcopal Church and St. Catherine’s Catholic Church, all in Norway. It stopped at the Deering Memorial United Methodist Church and the First Congregational Church before ending at the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, all in Paris.

Dallas Henry, pastor of the Hosanna New Testament Church in Oxford, said the Cross Walk began about 14 years ago as suggested by the Rev. John Matske, then pastor of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The event has been held outside every year except one, when the weather was inclement.

He said each year the proceedings inside the churches are different, adding that this year the ceremonies were the most moving of all.

The Rev. Tom Teichmann of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church purchased a chancel drama, a drama usually performed at the chancel, or front part of a church. It was titled “Were You There?”

“It was a more modern use of Scripture, an interpretation of Scripture,” Teichmann said. “It was dialog from several characters who were at the foot of the cross commenting about Christ’s crucifixion.”

He said there was dialog from Mary, mother of God; Peter, the apostle; Mary Magdalene; and one person who mocked Jesus.

The dialog was read by ministers and lay people. He said the script was purchased from Contemporary Drama Service in Colorado.

There was a reading from a different character at each church based on what they might have said at the time of the crucifixion.

Teichmann said participants sang one verse of the hymn “Where You There” at each church, then all of the verses at Trinity church.

“We’ve had devotionals, Scripture readings and other observances,” Teichmann said, “but with these characters it was very emotional.”

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