LISBON – Selectmen tabled a proposal to adopt a host of new waste disposal fees after residents said Tuesday night they preferred to raise necessary revenue by taxation.

The board will establish a committee to study the issue.

More than 60 people jammed the meeting room for the public hearing. Most objected to the proposed new fee schedule that ranged from three cents a pound for brush to $40 per yard for shingles. The schedule had about two dozen other rates for various items, including $10 to $15 for TVs.

Solid waste director Wayne Ricker, who presented the proposal, told the crowd at the outset, “I really expect to get it here tonight. I was hoping this wasn’t going to come for another four or five years until it retire.”

He said the reason for the new fees is to make up for less revenue from recyclables.

Ricker also said the amount of trash has remained fairly constant over the last 10 years.

It will take $490,529 to operate the station for the coming year, he explained, but with fees already in place and the proposed new fees that cost would be $399,500.

One woman told Ricker the new fees promote trash being dumped along roads, while contractor Ken Goodwin said he already had a dozen jobs lined up that didn’t take the additional costs into account.

Former Selectman Ed Wall predicted it’s going to “cost you a lot of money to collect this money. These fees are just another form of taxation.” He held up a petition that he said contained signatures of 145 residents who oppose the new fees.

“Only one person turned this down,” he said.

Several of those present said they were unaware of the petition and asked to sign it before it was turned in.

Former Selectman Bob Donovan also objected to the new fees. ” I don’t want to have to bring my debit card to the transfer station, I think the board should table this,” he said.

“Do you want to go to a fee or higher taxes? Ricker asked.”

Town Manager Curtis Lunt said according to his calculations, if the necessary revenue was raised by taxes it would mean an increase of about $17 to $20 on a $100,000 home.

By a show of hands the majority showed they preferred to cover the cost with taxes rather than fees.

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