PORTLAND (AP) – Maine will lose $119 million in federal funding over the next 10 years under the next fiscal year’s budget resolution, according to a report released Thursday.

Those cuts include $44 million for environmental and natural resources, $17 million for education, training, re-employment and social services, and $15 million for health care, the report found.

The report was written by the Economic Policy Institute and the Institute for America’s Future, Washington-based groups with close ties to organized labor.

Authors blamed the budget reductions on tax cuts pushed by the Bush administration that will primarily benefit the wealthy.

The report was released in Portland and Bangor by a coalition of labor, civil rights and community activist organizations called Fair Taxes For All.

Supporters of the tax cut plan say it would stimulate the U.S. economy. The Maine activists disagreed and maintained it would be bad for the state’s working people.

“It’s the wrong choice for America to spend billions on tax cuts that mostly benefit the very wealthy,” said Ed Gorham, president of Maine AFL-CIO, “when we have a stagnant economy, 132,000 individuals in Maine with no health care coverage and a state budget crisis.”

The report also found that Maine will lose $13 million in federal funding for transportation, $12 million for police and security, $10 million in basic support for low income families and $8 million for agriculture.

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