On March 18, Oak Hill High School tied for 1st Place with Monmouth Academy at the Future Business Leaders of America State Championship. The competitions were part of the 2002-2003 FBLA State Leadership Conference held at the Sheraton Towers in South Portland.

Oak Hill received 1st place overall in the spirit events and took home the spirit stick. One of the competitions that went towards the spirit stick was the Lip Sync competition (1st place). Oak Hill put on quite a show to music from Grease that had the whole audience cheering.

The FBLA Chapter received a total of 34 trophies. The following are the members that placed in the individual events:

Amanda Favreau – 3rd in Accounting I, 2nd for the Community Service Project, and 1st in Partnership with a Business Project.

Cindy Hanlin – 3rd in Word Processing II and 1st for the Gold Seal Project.

Allison Adams – 3rd for Chapter Activity Display.

Stacy Bartos – 3rd in Public Speaking I and 2nd in Word Processing I.

Jill Lizotte – 3rd in Business Calculations.

Richard Valencia – 1st in Computer Applications, 1st in Computer Concepts, and 1st in Technology Concepts.

Crystal Sirois – 1st in Multimedia Program and 2nd in FBLA Principals and Procedures.

Ryan Edwards – 2nd in Intro to Business Communications.

Mike Sherman – 3rd in Technology Concepts and 3rd in Computer Concepts.

Kyle Harrington – 1st in Multimedia Presentation.

Andrew Camardese – 3rd in International Business.

Tanya Travers – 1st in Word Processing II.

Chris Martineau – 3rd in Parliamentary Procedures.

Cassie Gauthier – 3rd in Computer Applications, 1st in Website Design, and 2nd in Future Business Leader.

Adrianne Martin – 3rd in Business Procedures and 1st in Local Annual Business Report.

Megan Hebert – 1st for the Promotion Award of Merit; and Jill Cloutier- 3rd in Word Processing I.

The following are the team competitions:

Richard Valencia and Mike Sherman placed 1st in Network Designs.

Crystal Sirois and Cassie Gauthier placed 3rd in Desktop Publishing.

Ryan Edwards, Ted Martin, and Hope Nadeau placed 2nd in Emerging Business Issues.

Patrick Duchette, Andrew Camardese, and Brian Rancourt placed 1st in Business Plan.

Patrick Duchette, Andrew Camardese, and Kyle Harrington placed 2nd in Entrepreneurship.

This year was especially successful because of the fact that every member who participated in the competitions placed in at least one thing.

This year Oak Hill had three members running for a state office. Amanda Favreau ran for State Treasurer, Cassie Gauthier ran for State Vice President, and Stacy Bartos ran for State Reporter. Running for an office meant campaigning between competitions, giving a speech, and caucusing. Both Amanda Favreau and Cassie Gauthier were elected.

In addition to participating in competitive events, the members had the opportunity to attend workshops and leadership and motivational sessions.

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