The committee refused to pay for a salt regulator.

LIVERMORE FALLS – Budget Committee members have mixed feelings about the success of this winter’s roads program, which used salt and calcium chloride rather than salt and sand, as in the past.

Allie Bond suggested both systems be used, salt/calcium in town and salt/sand beyond the village area.

He and Russell Flagg agreed there have been savings on cleanup and basic cleaning, but they went along with the other members in denying a request for $12,000 to buy three salt regulators.

Another controversial area was the assessor’s agent, which the committee agreed to cut by $15,000, leaving only $7,000 in that account. They also agreed to cut the selectmen’s and assessors’ stipends by 10 percent, to give the firemen a 50-cent-per-hour raise, to double the $500 planned for upkeep on the gazebo and to eliminate a $500 donation to the Junior Ski Team.

Other suggestions were to eliminate all agency requests except the Tri-Town Ministerial Association, which operates the food cupboard.

Objections were raised to $44,500 proposed as an ambulance subsidy, with Flagg suggesting. “Raise nothing, and see the chips fall where they may.”

He also objected to the $181,000 the town pays for hydrants. “It does no good for those of us out of town,” he said.

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