I was interested in the letter published April 21 from Maged Khoory of Lewiston. It was thoughtful, well written and expressed a concern I share.

It amazes me that the American public has been so inundated with propaganda and distorted information. If you question the war or President Bush’s leadership you are deemed unpatriotic and insensitive to the plight of our young people fighting in Iraq.

That is untrue and unfair.

“Coalition forces.” What is that?

I would like to see the list of the 48 countries that comprise the coalition. I want to know what each has contributed to the war and what they were promised in return for joining the coalition.

My brother was killed in World War II. I visited his grave at Netturno, Italy. There were over 10,000 young American men buried there and that did not reflect the bodies that were returned home.

Across the road was an English cemetery with 15,000 graves. Five miles away was an Italian cemetery with 25,000 graves.

There was also the death of civilians and the destruction of homes, roads, jobs, churches, schools, utilities, communications, etc. War is hell!

God gave us two ears and one mouth. Diplomacy should involve using the ears more, the mouth less.

If we are to survive on this planet we need to share the world’s wealth and learn to understand and respect each other and avoid war as a solution whenever possible.

Faith Bornstein, New Sharon

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