CAPE ELIZABETH (AP) – Two gray seals were released into the wild Monday with satellite transmitters that will give researchers information about the animals’ migratory patterns and movements.

Marine Animal Lifeline, a nonprofit Westbrook group that rehabilitates sick and injured marine animals, glued the transmitters to the seals’ fur before releasing them from Dyer Cove.

Greg Jakush, president of Marine Animal Lifeline, said his group has outfitted five seals with transmitters in the past, but only one was a gray seal, “Louise,” who was released a year ago. That animal has surprised those tracking her by staying in Casco Bay near Halfway Rock.

Jakush said he had expected Louise to make her way Down East or for Nova Scotia, where there are well-established gray seal populations. Now he’s curious whether the two gray seals set free Monday will follow her lead and stay in Casco Bay or take off to other waters.

“We want to know what’s normal for them,” he said.

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