AUBURN – Crews should begin ledge blasting on Granite Street this week, part of the city’s efforts to build a storm sewer system.

Auburn City Engineer Steve Ranney said crews were scheduled to wrap up storm sewer work on Spring Street this week, setting curbs paving the sidewalk and road areas that were dug up.

“At the same time, they’re supposed to start blasting up on Granite Street,” Ranney said. “They should start along Fern Street and work uphill. They need to blast about two-thirds of the way up the street.”

Ranney said traffic traveling Granite Street would be stopped during the blasting.

“It’s possible they could just close the street for the duration, and detour traffic on some of the side roads,” Ranney said.

Ranney said crews should finish blasting on Granite Street before Friday.

Youngs Corner Road should reopen to traffic later this week as crews put down the asphalt base. Ranney said work isn’t done yet – crews still have some work to finish along the side before they put down the top, finished layer of concrete. But most of the digging is done.

“That should happen by Thursday, if everything goes as planned,” Ranney said.

State crews will continue work along Route 136, he said.

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