I read with interest your recent article titiled “Treasure hunt.” No where in that article did I see a mention to the BBC America show “Bargain Hunt.”

“Bargain Hunt” has been on the air for at least two years and has the same premise. Each team is given 200 pounds and told to find the best bargains at a selected market. The team with the greatest profit or smallest loss when the items go to auction is the winner. The profit is kept by the winning team.

Each team has an expert to assist them. They can listen to or ignore the “expert.”

I do not consider it appropriate for Ms. Denise Kenniston to consider herself the creator of this program. She may have borrowed the idea from the BBC program, but I seriously doubt she created it.

Several “American classics” have been brought to us through British programs.

To list just a few: “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”, “Three’s Company,” and “All In The Family.”

There are others, but the point here is that these shows give credit to their origins The word creator implies Ms. Kenniston thought this show up from no other source. That she developed this idea from a drawing board and that no show of this type existed prior to her idea.

The BBC show was aired in the U.S. prior to her pitching the idea in New Orleans.

Had it not, this could be considered a mistake.

Robert Fellner, Auburn

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