It is nice to see the Canadian hockey team relocating in Lewiston. This will benefit the community in a number of ways. It will help shed the city’s negative image, an image of welfare, drugs and crime.

It is about time that Lewiston gets something in terms of sports and entertainment venues that will make our city a more enjoyable place to live. On cold, rainy nights, there is not much else to do except sit in front of the television. Why not come out and support our city, meet our neighbors and watch our hockey team at the civic center?

Now that the civic center is slowly improving, it will be a better and more presentable facility where kids can just enjoy themselves playing the sport that they love to play.

If everyone would just put a little effort into improving our community, Lewiston can go from a disgusting city to a good and enjoyable place to live.

The new hockey team and the improvements to the civic center are a good start. Now if only we can expand on those endeavors.

Heather Avery, Lewiston

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