Several times the Gov. Brennan administration tried to get rid of the Liquor Enforcement Bureau for political reasons. Legislators knew the importance of this bureau. Now most legislators don’t know what the liquor law enforcement officers do.

Liquor enforcement officers did their job and they stepped on some toes in higher places. They have never been forgiven for this.

The bureau has saved the state thousands of dollars by stopping the illegal liquor from coming across the New Hampshire border. Hotels, restaurants and places of businesses buy liquor in New Hampshire at a lower price and sell it in their places of business. Some of these businesses sell liquor out the back door and sell to underage persons.

Liquor enforcement officers teach business owners and employees about the liquor laws and check stores and clubs on regular bases. They are the only law enforcement officers in the state who know the liquor laws.

Police departments throughout the state have testified they don’t want this added cost to their communities and admit that they don’t know the laws. The State Police told the administration they don’t want the liquor enforcement job. They have all the work they can handle. Businesses said they would be willing to pay a larger fee to keep the Liquor Enforcement Bureau.

Finally, legislators, police departments, committee members, liquor enforcement officers and businesses who want to keep the bureau have been told that it’s not about money and cost saving, it’s about politics.

Caroline Allen, Monmouth

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