Starting March13, eighth grade students at Lewiston Middle School began making three different films. The select classes doing this project were: Mrs. Allison’s SPARK art class, Mr. Courchesne’s first period French class and Mrs. Bleakney and Miss Cook’s English/Literature classes.

Mr. Courchesne’s class did a documentary on bates Mill and the Franco-American, and how they combined with each other. The main videographers were Peter Ouelette, Matt Levasseur, Kevin McKeown, Katrina St. Clair and Dustin Pelletier. Every student donated his/her time to produce this movie, even ones whom I have not mentioned.

Mrs. Allison’s SPARK art class produced a documentary about the Somalia students coming to Lew./Aub. The class interviewed students at LMS who immigrated to the United States from Somalia. The goal of this SPARK art and project to enlighten and educate LMS students and faculty about diversity and accepting people for who they are.

Mrs. Bleakney’s and Miss Cook’s English/Literature classes also made a movie with Huey. They did a movie in which four groups, Math, Science, History and English have to find a deed to Lewiston Middle School saying that the school will get a pool, Jacuzzi, and roller coaster. They must find the deed within 40 months, days, and minutes from when it was written. Students acting in the movie are as follows: History, Gabby Jumper and Sarah Pelletier; Science, Jessica Lacombe and Michael Jalbert; Math, Brian Bilodeau, Josh Lucier and Luke Bonenfant; English, Karli Fletcher, Kim Perron and Elizabeth Brochu.

All films wil be shown in the LMS film festival near the end of the school year. Good luck to all the students participating in this filming experience.

At left students are editing

on computer with film

maker Huey. They are,

front, Danielle LaPlante

and back, Kayla Michaud.

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