Walking closer to the shore

The smell of fresh air

Reminds me

I touch the water it is warm

Warm as the sun reflecting off onto my face

It reminds me

The lake is as still as glass

A duck quickly lands and it breaks out into ripples

Only to remind me

I get my gear and hop into the kayak

I too break the glass lake as I stroke away

I float further

And it reminds me

I am further now away from the past

As more memories float up to the surface from below like bubbles

Again I am reminded

I stop now and lie on my back

I indulge in the moment as the sun warms me

It is summer again

I hear a distant yell

And I remember

I remember running down the hill

Splashing into the water as everyone follows

We scream and yell breaking the glass lake

We canoe away then jump out

It’s the most fun I’ve had

And It I will remember

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