Why did he have to go?

Out of all numbers

Why was his chosen


I have to say

Good-bye to my daddy

He promised

He’d come back

he said he would

Write to me everyday

It’s been 5 days

My daddy

has kept his promise

He writes to me everyday

He talks about how

He’ll be home soon

He says he misses me

And I sure miss him too

But everyday I get scared

That he’ll break his promise

And won’t come back

My dad hasn’t written to me

In 4 days

I keep praying that he’s safe

Today I was sitting in school

When my mom came in

She said I had to go

I could see it in her eyes

Something was wrong

Something wasn’t right

We got into the car

The tears came freely

I knew what was wrong

My daddy broke his promise

Because he wasn’t coming back

At first i thought I was a mistake

It didn’t really sink in

The war ended

My daddy never came back

he never wrote to me again

he never got to read

Me a book before bedtime

Once in a while

I’ll see him in my dreams

Smiling at me telling me he’s ok

Sometimes when I’m cold

or lonely

I feel his arms wrapped around me

I smell the after shave he always put on

and I hear him singing to me

My mom keeps reminding me

That someday I’ll see him again

And we’ll all be together

But right now he’s just on a trip

For the freedom and safety

Of his country

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