Dear Sun Spots: During the Gulf War, a correspondent was in or near the field broadcasting when a bomb or something landed close to him. He jumped and swore, it scared him so. We have wracked our brains trying to remember his name. Could you possibly find out? You have a wonderful column and do a lot of good. Thanks, a grateful reader. – M.E., Mexico.

Unfortunately, Sun Spots has not been able to locate anything this and hopes other readers out there may recall this and be willing to help M.E. out.

Dear Sun Spots: I find a lot of good information in your column and I’m hoping someone can help me with a home remedy to make metal look rustic. I’ve tried a solution from the craft store and was very disappointed. – C. Allen, W. Farmington.

Perhaps other crafters and readers may be able to assist Allen with aging her metal and may be willing to share their ideas with her.

Dear Sun Spots: Could you print the directions for a preemie hat that is used in hospitals. I would like to knit some. – No Name, No Town.

Sun Spots located the following online at Easy Knitting Machine Hat, designed by Barbara Wampler, Fla. NOTE: Don’t use tight tension…make sure it stretches. Measure your swatch for number of sts. per inch & multiply by the following for the width: (Example: you get 7 sts=1″ x 6 = 42 sts. needed.) X-Small Preemie x 5.5 wide (total length 3.5″) ; Lg. Preemie X 8 wide (total length 4 1/2″-5″) ; Sm. Preemie X 6 wide (total length 3.5″-4″) ; X-Large Preemie X 9 wide (total length 5 1/2″) ; Med. Preemie X 7 wide (total length 4″-4 1/2″) ; Full Term X 10.5 wide (total length 6″-6 1/2″) . Do mock ribbing for 1″ and then knit in stockinette, fair isle, etc. to needed length. Break yarn, leaving a 12″ tail or yarn. With yarn needle, pick up each stitch from the machine, pull yarn tightly to gather top and stitch side seam.

Knitted instructions from

Knitted Baby Hats. Newborn, Med preemie (5-7 lbs.) Small preemie (1-4 lbs.)All sizes follow the same instructions. Newborn uses size 8 needles and a 4 ply SOFT yarn such as Caron Simply Soft. (can be found at Wal-Mart). Med size uses size 6 needles and uses a baby sport weight 3 ply yarn (Such as Red Heart baby sport). Small size uses a size 4 needle and baby yarn. (not fingering). General Directions: Cast on 54 sts. Work in Kl-Pl ribbing for 16 rows. approx. 2 inches.Change to Stockinette stitch. Kl row Pl row and knit for 24 rows. Decrease Rows. Row 1– Knit 3 knit 2 together across. Row 2–Purl 2 Purl 2 together across. Row 3 -Knit 1 Knit 2 together across. Row 4–Knit 2 together across.Cut a long length of yarn for sewing. Gather remaining sts and sew securely. Continue to sew back seam. Add pompom or bow if desired.

Dear Sun Spots: In regards to a letter sent in May 19 about stereo photo viewer (Art Hammond, Kingfield, request): I have a catalog with different prices for anyone, if you want to call me. I can be reached at (207) 364-8409. – J. D., Rumford.

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