Dear Sun Spots: I was wondering if there might be someone out there that has taped the Maine State Parade? The reason being was that my 6-year-old daughter marched in the parade with her Brownie troop and they made flags for the country of their choice. My daughter chose Italy which her great grandmother came from and is still living at age 90 in Mass. and was not able to see the parade. She was very happy to hear my daughter had chose this flag. Please help! – Marie Fields, Greene.

Dear Sun Spots: I read your column faithfully. About a week or so ago there was a letter from a lupine lady offering free plants after blooming time if we would write and ask for them. I lost the paper but would very much like to have her name and address if possible. – No Name, No Town.

Unfortunately, the only reference Sun Spots could locate in recent weeks was reader Mary Moulton offering pink Lily of The Valley slips for readers in the May 13 column. You can reach her at (207) 897-3032.

Dear Sun Spots: During the weekend of June 29, 2001, my son’s Boy Scout Troop 137, of Auburn, was camping at Baxter State Park. He rescued a woman and her small child from drowning in a river there. Fortunately, everyone was fine after. My son is eligible for a Scout heroism award, but was denied because none of us took down the woman’s name. We believed that she was local to the Baxter area. Can you help us find her so she can verify this incident? Thank you. – Robert Kester, Auburn.

In addition to responses from readers, you might want to contact the Mount Desert Islander who may have covered this event. You can reach them at 41 Rodick Street, P.O. Box 900, Bar Harbor, ME 04609, (207) 288-0556 or online at

Dear Sun Spots: Can you please tell me the caloric content of unsweetened dried banana chips? Many thanks. – R.R.C., Farmington.

According to, a one ounce of banana chips contains 147 calories and has 10 grams of fat.

Sun Spots hopes you enjoy the following pie shell and fruit pie recipe from Delights of the Garden by Imar Hutchins and located online at

Baturi’s “Perfect” Pie Shell Ingredients: 2 cups unsweetened banana chips, 1 cup dried pineapple, 1 cup chopped pitted dates. Method: In a food processor using the “S” blade, process the banana chips until they are of a flourlike consistency. Add the dried pineapple and chopped dates. Process for about 2 to 3 minutes or until all of the ingredients begin to form a ball in the processor. At this point the shell is ready to be placed into a 9-inch pie pan. Press the dough until it is evenly distributed in the pan. Edges may be fluted, if desired.

Tropical Fruit Pie Ingredients: 2 bananas, peeled, 3 kiwis, peeled, 1½ pints fresh strawberries, washed and hulled, ¼ pineapple, peeled (can substitute dried pineapple if fresh is not available). Method: Cut 1 banana, the kiwis, ½ pint of the strawberries, and the pineapple into small slices and line the bottom of the pie shell with the fruit slices laid flat. Next, combine the remaining strawberries and 1 banana in a food processor using the “S” blade. Process the fruit until pureed. Pour over the fruit in the shell.

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