FREEPORT (AP) -Early in the school year, Freeport Middle School technology coordinator John Lunt was sitting in front of his computer when he caught a student playing a computer game in class in another part of the building.

With a mouse click, Lunt showed who was in charge.

The student watched in amazement as his cursor mysteriously moved on its own, shutting down the game and then trashing it.

Seventh-graders quickly learned an important lesson: Big Bother is always watching to make sure students are not downloading music, playing games or otherwise misusing their laptops.

By and large, students have been respectful of the boundaries on the use of laptops, said Principal Chris Toy.

At school, no “recreational use” of the laptops is allowed, Toy said. At home, students with Internet access can download music, play games and trade e-mail under the supervision of their parents, he said.

There have been some minor infractions, mostly students downloading music or playing games in class, Toy said.

The most serious incident happened when two students obtained the administrative password for all of the school’s computers.

through a high school student who had been given the password.

The students weren’t able to do damage but Lunt had to reconfigure each of the laptops with a new password.

Students who abuse their discretion are punished by loss of privileges, including their laptops. The students who obtained the password lost their laptops for the remainder of the year.

AP-ES-06-08-03 1316EDT

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