Warning, “Code Red,” the U.S. intelligence agencies are severely inadequate.

Assertions and cover-ups are daily being reported to keep America in distress alert. Holidays are a great time to bring the color coded system up a notch. This has our state’s law enforcement agencies wasting money, draining their funds into severe red ink.

The intelligence agencies claim they knew nothing about Sept. 11, yet Bush never pushed for the truth.

When Clinton lied on national TV, saying “I never had sex….”, no one was hurt. When Bush and his crew repeatedly told the world of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, claiming that Iraq was a massive threat for the U.S. and the world, was this a lie?

Bush proclaimed time after time that he did not want a war while massive troops, equipment, chemical outfits, TV reporters and the “wanted dead or alive” deck of cards were organized. This, he knew, was a war to be televised.

Unlike Clinton, President Bush’s assertions cost many lives and destruction. What assertions, you ask?

Did we find the smoking gun? No.

Are the Iraqis enjoying their freedom? No.

From Day One, this government wanted Saddam’s head on a platter. One might not want to hear this, but I believe that the events of Sept. 11 may have been the best thing for President Bush. Like the color coded system, Bush became a national peacock while our nation wept.

Rolande I. Caron, South Paris

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